This full body life-like Male manikin is specifically designed for professional nursing training. The quality of this manikin will provide many sessions of training when used with reasonable care. This multifunctional simulator can easily be assembled, well shaped appearance and correct anatomical landmarks which also shows the rib of the manikin.
Below nursing skills can be practiced:
Head care : hairwashing, face washing, oral cavity care.
Bed bathes, dressing and undressing
Patient moving, bedspread changing for bedridden patient
Tracheotomy care
Oxygen inhalation
Nasal Feeding
Gastric Lavage
Intracardiac Injection
External Cardiac resuscitation maneuver method
Thorax Puncture
Liver Puncture
Lumbar Puncture
Deltoid Injection
Deltoid subcutaneous Injection
Veni-puncture and Intravenous injection
Male Catheterisation
Buttock muscle injection

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