Designed according to the anatomical characteristics of child, and specializing in child care training. The skin is soft and flexible, not easily deformed, realistic shape, lovely appearance, and clear internal anatomical structure. Good help for pediatric nursing teaching and training.
Pupil observation. Bilateral Pupil states: normal, mydriasis,
Operations of child care: full body bandage exercise, bathing, changing clothes, hair combing, eye washing and administering, otic drops and irrigation, mouth cavity care, blood collection of finger and TB test.
Airway administering: realistic mouth, nose, tongue, gum, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea and tracheal ring, can practice tracheal intubation, sputum suction, oxygen inhaling.
Oral and nasal feeding. Gaslrolavage
Venipuncture, injection, transfusion (Arm). When needle penetrates into vein, blood flash back indicates proper insertion.
Intramuscular injection in bilateral deltoid, bilateral vastus lateralis and bilateral buttock. Enema, placement of rectal suppository. Urethral catheterization
Holistic care: sponge bath, replacing clothes, cold and heat therapy
Limbs joints: Bend, rotation, upper and lower movement.
Bathing and bandaging activity
Ostomy nursing of ileum, colon and bladder.
Tibial bone marrow puncture: Simulated bone marrow would outflow in the case
of correct puncture.

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