India's leading diversified exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of Educational Charts, Scientific Model and Teaching Aids

N.C Kansil & Sons has become one of India’s leading diversified exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers of Educational Charts, Scientific models, and Teaching Aids. Since its founding in the year 1932, the company serve Indian clients as well as markets across the world. Our comprehensive product range has always been a great help to schools and parents to inspire creativity, and inculcate learning spirit, civic sense, ethics, etiquette, and enthusiasm in students. We always attempt to enhance the quality of our product range like Educational Charts, Scientific models in every aspect in order to facilitate the learning process and help students improve cognitive strength. We consistently strive to bring about innovation and new ideas in the product line with the intention of offering teaching resources that are designed in engaging and riveting charts and models making the learning environment more interesting and colorful.

Our Team

Our team of educational psychologists who have an expertise in this field carefully do thorough research so that they can help in the optimal development of a child and enhance his/her skills to perfection. Our educational aids are able to help in the cognitive or mental development of a child.

Focus on Quality

Quality is our forte and we have been recognized across the country for our excellent customer service. We give a lot of emphasis on quality so as to establish our products and make our name a brand in the industry. As a result of our continuous efforts to provide high-quality educational charts

Product Range

We are dealing with a broad range of political and physical maps of different countries and Indian states, charts related to different subjects, Educational Charts like World Political Maps, Illuminating Globes, Scientific Models, teaching aids, visual aids, and primary study materials of different languages.