Didactic Human Skull 22 Parts
This skull is used to teach the various bones that make up the Human Skull to medical and mbbs students. The 22 parts are color coded for identification. The medical students can be taught about the placement and position of each of the bones, and how they fit together.
A human skull consists of 22 bones fused together. This fusion is marked by fissures on the surface of the skull.

  • This didactic skull consists of 22 detachable parts.
  • Suture of each bone is equipped with magnets to detach and assemble easily.
  • All the bones are depicted in different colors, making this skull model a useful tool to study the correct position and the relationship of all the structures.
  • The 22 bones are depicted in 10 different colors. Each pair of bone plates has the same color.
  • Key card/Manual provided.
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