Cervical Spine & Occipital Bone, Nerves and Muscles

  • Life Size. Made of PVC. Mounted on stand. It features the entire cervical vertebrae with muscular anatomy, nerves, and a portion of the clavicle. This full size muscled cervical vertebrae model also features a soft replica of the cerebellum, detailed occipital bone plate, atlas and axis and spinal nerves throughout. This model also includes a right side brachial plexus. Muscular anatomy includes the suboccipital triangle, longus capitis, levator scapulae, scalenus medius posterior and anterior. The right first and second ribs are also featured and include cartilage. Ideal for a variety of disciplines, including chiropractic study, surgical reference, and patient education and consultation. The soft material of the nerves and muscles bring life-like quality to the model and help explain topics such as neck pain, nerve damage, muscle strain, and misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. Key card / Manual provided.
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