• Size: 85 cm. Made of PVC. Dissectable in 27 parts.
  • 2-in-1 with removable interchangeable male and female genitalia.
  • The mouth cavity and nasal cavity is open to show the inlet of digestive and respiratory system.
  • The head is open so that the cerebrum with cerebellum can be taken out for close observation.
  • With the removable male and female reproductive organ, and removable half kidney, the whole urinary system and reproductive system are well depicted.
  • The lung can be completely removed, and the important structures on the inner wall of thoracic cavity like sympathetic column, azygos vein, hemiazygos vein, thoracic duct are well shown.
  • It is most characterized by its open neck & back, which provide a full view of the nervous system, the brain & the whole spinal cord.
  • The 12th thoracic vertebra can be taken out for close observation of vertebrae, spinal cord, spinal nerves and 3 layers of maters. Key card / Manual provided.
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