Human Male Skeleton Articulated Life Size PVC
Life size human skeleton model articulated is ideal for doctors and clinics for patient education. Highly accurate details makes the model perfect for study by medical students and physiotherapists.

High quality model is a replica of a real human skeleton.

Articulated skeleton means that the bones are connected together using a wire and cannot be separated.


  • Bonnet can be removed.
  • Mandible is movable, teeth are separately installed.
  • All skull formina, fissures, processes are well depicted.
  • Cervical artery, nerves, herniated or slip (prolapsed) disk and Hyoid bone are shown.
  • Coccyx is separately mounted.
  • Sacral Canal is clearly depicted.
  • Upper limbs and lower limbs can be removed easily for closer inspection.
  • The model is made of PVC. It is washable and unbreakable.
  • The model comes with a stand with wheels. It can be mounted on the stand.
  • Key card/ Manual is included.
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