Implement Standard: the 2010 AHA (American Heart Association) Guidelines for CPR & ECC. The manikin is designed in accordance with the anatomical structure and characteristics of an infant. It could practice infant CPR
training, the monitor supervises the ventilation volume and the compression depth. Correct or incorrect compression and ventilation would be indicated by the indicator light.

  1. The correct depth is indicated by the green LED strip lights.
  2. The incorrect depth would be demonstrated by the yellow LED strip lights.
  3. The corresponding indicator light would be on when the airway is opened.

Artificial Ventilation: The operator could make mouth-to-mouth ventilation with both the infant’s nose and mouth covered by the operator’s mouth.

  1. The proper ventilation volume is 30-50 ml, it would be indicated by the LED strip lights which would turn in green color then.
  2. Ventilation volume less than 30 ml, the LED strip lights would turn yellow to indicate insufficient volume.
  3. Ventilation volume more than 50 ml, the LED strip lights would turn red to indicate the excessive volume.
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