The product is designed according to the standard size of new born baby, which allows neonatal nursing operation and CPR and Airway management Training.
Basic nursing operating : bathing change/wear clothes, cold and heat therapy, washing face, oral cavity nursing, ear irrigation, umbilical care;
Venous puncture/infusion : venae temporalis superficilials, right arm vein, etc ;
Airway management: Realistic oral, nose, tongue, gums, pharynx, Larynx, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea ; oral and nasal tracheal intubation ; sputum suction, oxygen inhalation ;
CPR : multiple ventilation ways such as mouth to mouth, bag respirator to mouth; compression and inflation frequency prompts; judge whether the inflation volume and compression depth is right or not ; compression and inflation training can be carried out at the same time or can be undertaken separately.

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